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I just submitted an inspection request, what's next?

You should expect to receive a confirmation email to the email you provided in the request form within one business day. In this email, you will also receive a link to your online dashboard as well as your username and password. We suggest you click the link and login as soon as you receive this email in order to digitally sign the North Carolina State Required Inspection Agreement as we will need this signed in order to enter the dwelling. You also have the ability to pay for the inspection at this time. Please note that the software will hold the report and won't allow viewing until payment has been received and inspection agreement has been signed. We also do not accept payment at closing but are happy to provide you with a receipt in order for you to submit to your closing attorney.

Can I attend the inspection?

We are requesting that homes be completely vacant during the full length of the home inspection. If you would still like to attend, we are more than happy to meet with you at the property, at or near the end of the inspection in order to go over key components of the report.

Can I pay with a debit/credit card?

Yes, you have the option to pay with cash or check on site during the inspection or by card via the online Homegauge dashboard which you will receive a personal username and password for at the time of scheduling. The software we use however will not release the report until the North Carolina State Inspection Agreement has been signed and payment has been received. We do not accept payment at closing but are happy to provide you a receipt in order to submit to your closing attorney. 

When can I expect my report?

You can expect to receive your report within 24 hours if inspected during the standard Monday through Friday business week. If inspected on Saturday or Sunday, you can expect your report within 48 hours. We get all reports sent out ASAP and never want you waiting on us.


I am buying a new construction home. Should I still get it inspected?

Yes, we suggest still getting the home inspected. A lot of times in new constructions we find things that haven't been completed or that were overlooked but should definitely be finished before move in. A home takes months to build so in that time period, storms may pass, heavy rain, high wind and/orr water build up on the property may have occurred at non-ideal times. So, even though it may be a brand new home, there still may be areas that show signs of wear, water or pest infiltration. You are paying for a brand new home and everything should be absolutely perfect.

What if I cannot attend the inspection or have additional questions later on?

Call, email or text with any questions you may have from the time of scheduling or even years after you move in. We are always happy to answer any and all questions!

What if I need a contractor? Do you have any suggestions?

Please visit our contractors page via the following link. We include who we hear to be reliable companies with professional workmanship. If you ever have a bad experience with anyone listed on our site, please let us know as we only want to represent the best. 

What areas are included in the inspection? Can I see a sample report?

We exceed the guidelines that are required by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board. For example; instead of checking one window and one receptacle in each room, we are going to check every window and test every receptacle to ensure proper installation and operation. It is not required to walk on a roof during the inspection, but if there is a way to get up there, we always have a ladder with us and are going to walk the roof as long as it's safe and not raining. If you are curious about any more specifics, please click the following link in order to check out a sample report.


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