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Paul Gawron | Owner

Paul Gawron 1.jpg

Paul's career in construction started while he was in high school by helping frame and wire houses with a local, reputable company in his hometown in Michigan. He has worked in the automotive field as a line mechanic as well as in the power generation industry for many years performing electrical maintenance and construction. 

Paul has also been a licensed electrical contractor in North Carolina for over 25 years performing electrical repairs, residential and commercial electrical construction and electrical up-fits.

In 2003, Paul started Smithville Home Inspection after becoming

a licensed home inspector in the state of North Carolina and South Carolina. He conducts complete home inspections for residential and commercial dwellings in the southeastern part of the state as well as performs re-inspections after repairs have been conducted and storms have come passed through. 

He prides himself on his thoroughness and quality as well as getting your report to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding a report, he is 100% willing to go over things with you until all questions are answered. 

Please feel free to get in touch!

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